Elm Class 2016-17

What a Wonderful World

Today we have taken part in a ‘What a wonderful World’ Blogging day. Our class picked Egypt to learn about. The first activity we did was to make salt dough amulets, we the left them to dry. After that we made a Scarab Beetle by painting a paper plate blue and then sticking on black legs and heads. We then made a design on the back usng black paint. After lunch we painted our amulets using traditoanl colours such as blue, black and yellow.

“I think today has been exciting” – Ella

“It has been really fun”- Charlie

“One of the best school days this year” -William

“It was really fun”- AJ

“It has been fantastic” – Kalli-Grace

We have all really enjoyed the day today and it was a fantastic end to an outstanding year in Year 3.


sherwood pines trip

First we got on the bus and ziva sat next to Emily and Rihanna sat next to Kalli-grace and Jessica and she sat next to connie.

Next we went pond dipping and we took nets and took it in turns and we found a leach and a scorpion. I found weeds and I was using a magnifying glass to look at the little animals and we look at cards and I found the sun and a heron.

Then we had lunch and Rihanna had a sandwich and crisps and a penguin it was yummy  and Ziva was very good and Jessica said it was very good.

Do you think you would enjoy it?



Ziva,Rihanna and Jessica



Sherwood pines

First we went on the bus  and Emily sat next  to Ziva and Connie sat next to Jessica .

Next we went pond dipping and caught little animals in our nets like water scorpion and Jakub found a leach it was chucking it down with rain . Then we waited for the other school to collect the nets so they can do pond dipping.

After we went to the toilet and then we ate our pack lunch and warmed up .

After that we walked around the huge wood and searched for the Gruffalo footprints.

After that we made things with clay and things from the wood Emily made the mouse and Connie made an ornament.

We went to the park and Ziva helped me climb to the top but Ziva fell and then we had to get our things to go back on the bus and go back to school.


From connie and Emily 🙂😊👽


Sherwood pines trip

When we got on the bus we put our belts on.

We were singing on the way there. Next we went to the pond and some of us had a net and some of us didn’t have a net and then we swapped. We found a black water scorpian.

When we finished we had lunch and I was sat next to miss Greaves when we had lunch at the cabin when we finished we talkedto the person next to you until they finish. Then after dinner we went to the woods and we looked for a gruffalo and we found an gruffalo an owl and a snake.

By Nadia and Kalli-grace



Ancient Greece Day

First we made some sloppy, gooey medals out of salt dough. Next we made Greek Theatre masks, also we made the shape and expression. Then we made Greek shields and painted them metallic colours and sometimes they would have symbols on the front of the shield to scare away enemies in terrible spine chilling battles.


Ancient Greece Day

First we did some Greek Olympic medals and we made them out of salt dough.

Next we made Greek masks with colourful strips of paper for the hair, I used yellow and red.

After that we made Greek shields we used pitch black piece of paper and we drew pictures on the black piece of paper. I drew a picture of a horse eating a carrot with a knight holding a shield and a sword. Then we cut them out and stuck them on a paper plate.

We painted the paper plates gold and put black pen on the edges so it looks realistic and we waited for the paint to dry so we can stick the handle so Miss Boot can take a picture.

by Rihanna and Lewis


Ancient Greece Day

First we went into Palm Tree Class and made salt dough medals but at the minute it is still drying. After that we made Greek theatre masks, they looked so amazing. We did different expressions on their faces whether they were  happy or sad.  After that we used paper plates to make a Greek shield. First we cut out a picture out of black paper to go on the front of the shield. Next we painted the shields and then we stuck our design on the front and added a handle.


By Oliver and Rhys


Ancient Greece Day

We made Ancient Greece medal and it was great. And we made it out of   salt dough. We made Ancient  Greece theatre masks out of paper .We made a shield out of paint and paper. We watched a video about  the Ancient Greek Olympics .

From Holly and Kalli-grace.


Ancient Greece Day

Today we have been leaning about Ancient Greece and we were doing some activities like making medals out of flour and dough. Then we made the masks of Ancient Greece. Sometimes they wear their mask to show how they feel like sad, angry, happy, tired, shocked and confused. Next it was our favourite lesson of the day, we made a big shield out of a paper plate and we painted it and it looked good and really cool.


by Jakub k and Blake.


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Ancient Greece Day

First we did the register and then we went into palm tree class and then miss Greaves told us about what we would do and we watched a video about Ancient Greece. Then we went and did the salt dough medals and to do so we had to get some salt dough and mould it into a medal shape and stick a pencil through it and then put a post-it note on it with our names on. Then we went to an assembly about the Premier League. Then we made Ancient Greece theatre masks by cutting out a big circle of paper and decorated it with colours and bits of coloured paper.


by charlie and jack




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